CB Predator is officially launching on April 20th. The creators, Chris Fox and Jerome Chapman, have previously created top ranking high quality products, and this should be no exception.

Why is CB Predator So Special? Here’s a brief excerpt from the creators Chris Fox and Jerome Chapman.

“Seriously, all hype aside, this product is going to change the game.  We’ve put together a completely unique piece of software, aimed at any affiliate who’s struggling to make money, and anyone else who’s maybe never made money online at all.  This software is 99% automated, and provides the user with 100% unique, effective affiliate pages. They’re fully SEO’d and will get highly targeted traffic and commissions automatically.  All the user does is click a few buttons to create a live site… then they just sit back and wait for the checks.  It’s that simple, it really works, and it really will change the affiliate marketing landscape.”

The product will be launching on the 20th of April and this is one of many posts to come. Keep checking back for more news about Chris Fox and Jerome Chapmans newest clickbank product.

Please make sure to bookmark this site for current information, reviews, and bonus offers about CB Predator…or you can subscribe to the RSS feed to get the latest updates.  The official launch is set to happen very soon, and my CB Predator review will be coming soon to help you decide if this system is right for you.

Many affiliate marketers start out promoting items on a platform such as ClickBank or PayDotCom by using pre-sell or review kind webpages. The idea is to obtain those pages listed high for the name of the item in the search engines, get site visitors interested in learning a lot more about the product, and finally–to get visitors to click in your affiliate link at your pre-sell page to go to the revenue page for the item. If the visitor ends up buying the product, you get a commission.  The success of this method is predicated about the profitable implementation of just a handful of crucial points. Let’s take a appear at those points and how you are able to optimize them to your benefit. The very first thing is always that if your pre-sell page does not show on the front page of Google, or another major search engine, you won’t get any traffic (if that’s your designed source of visitors).

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You must be familiar with the latest Seo (search engine optimization) techniques to obtain your page to show well in the SERPs. Understand about meta tags, LSI, keyword density, and every thing you can associated to Search engine optimization. One of the biggest factors is the quantity of back-links you’ve for the web page.  As soon as you show within the SERPs, as well as prior to you begin your “pre-selling”, you should attempt to opt-visitors in for your own list. You will need an auto-responder support (two typical ones are aWeber and GetResponse) to manage the names you opt in. It is typical to offer a mini-course or a newsletter for people to subscribe to. Bonuses are generally provided to encourage site visitors to opt-in to this kind of lists.  You must also possess a powerful title that incorporates the name from the item (or the key word phrase you’re targeting) and pulls visitors in. The title of your pre-sell web page may be the first exposure visitors have with you so it should be good.

We can define pre-selling as the art of obtaining prospects warmed up to a item prior to producing a choice to purchase it. Crucial stage: Allow the product vendor’s revenue web page do the heavy lifting when it comes to selling. You pre-sell page is just to supply a little helpful info concerning the product and act being a funnel for site visitors to pass via on their way to the precise revenue web page. Do not over-sell!  In some niches, for example the Internet marketing niche, customers anticipate bonuses once they purchase through an affiliate’s hyperlinks. In many other niches bonuses are not used so much. Should you offer a bonus, such as a video or PDF file–make certain it correlates closely using the product you are promoting.  Among the best techniques for obtaining an education is simply to go to as numerous pre-sell pages for other items inside your niche as you can to determine how others set them up. These are a number of my greatest ClickBank secrets.

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