Another great product by two super affiliate marketers – Eric Rockefeller and Michael Constantinos.  This software is designed to centralize all your affiliate marketing business tasks in one location.  I’m looking forward getting a pre-launch copy of this software, and trying it out for myself.

Here’s a brief summary of what CB Wealth Maker can do:

  • Centralization & Organization of all Affiliate Information
  • Partner Suggestions Based on Launches, Niches, Popularity & Profitability Expectations
  • Effectively Streamlining Affiliate Work Flows
  • Organically Replicating Assets throughout Your Network
  • Opportunity Targeting of Partners/Products
  • Detailed Commission Analysis Including Potential Earnings
  • Launch and General Sequence Management
  • Easy Project Management of Individual Tasks & Processes
  • Ability to Store Preferred & Customized Presets for Future Campaigns
  • Important Statistics, Alerts, Partner Watch Lists & Priority Things to Do
  • True Matrix View Management Allowing Genuine Ability to Discover Opportunities & Perform Tasks on Multiple Partners in Batch
  • Smart Prioritizing of Partners for Profits
  • Simple 1-Click Partner Creation
  • Advanced Management of Automated Business Building Functionality With Integration of Future Plugins
  • Help Wizard Guiding Users for Best Practices
  • Selecting of Partners as Favorites as Well as Ability to Dump Non-Performing Partners
  • Advanced Swipe Pad Functionality
  • Comprehensive Sorting of Partners for Improved Management
  • Core Derivative Keyword Phrase Generator
  • Genuine Unique Article Creation With Easy Title Creation for Multiple Listing Placements
  • Anchor Text Link Builder & Redirect Builder

CB Wealth Maker will be launching on the 27th of April, so make sure to bookmark this site for current information, reviews, and bonus offers about Eric and Michaels latest product…or you can subscribe to the RSS feed to get the latest updates.  The official launch is set to happen very soon, and my review will be coming soon to help you decide if this system is right for you…so stay tuned for more details and the full CB Wealth Maker review in days to come.

It very simple for you to make a ClickBank affiliate account for free. You will find more than forty-thousand products there to promote.  The greatest factor in ClickBank income for affiliates is the size of the subscriber listing you’ve to market to. Now certain, you are able to very easily make some affiliate earnings by setting up pre-sell or examine pages for ClickBank items and using solid Search engine optimization tactics to get them ranked within the search engines. If you are good at this yo will make some sales. But you’ll in no way come close to making a 5 figure a month earnings from performing this. What’s more, it’s a time consuming process.

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The large ClickBank super-affiliates have subscriber lists numbering in the tens-of-thousands, numerous have listings of over 100,000 subscribers. Once they deliver their emails out, they promote 1 affiliate product or an additional in every e-mail. Even when the open prices are low, which isn’t uncommon, with huge subscriber listings to marketplace to, they are able to pull down some hefty revenue with each outgoing e-mail. This is how the actual cash is made.  Now, you will find some super-affiliates who excel at PPC marketing and they have the know-how and savvy to run PPC campaigns to produce clicks to pre-sell pages they’ve set up. This can be a lethal tactic however it is really a significantly more sophisticated procedure than it might appear at first blush. And–PPC advertising can be one of the really greatest ways for newbies to shed money out there.

The real secret, the, is no solution at all. It is a issue of growing a subscriber listing you are able to market to inside a particular specialized niche. This starts with setting up an auto-responder accounts having a great support. I use aWeber which has served me well. The cost is only about $20 a month starting out (they’ll cost you a lot more as your listing size reaches different plateaus). Once you’ve an account create you can create opt-in types to collect names and emails and start growing your list as site visitors come to your webpages.  You will require to provide visitors for your webpages a cause to opt in for your listing. Many visitors will provide some kind of bonus report or video on their op-in form in exchange for site visitors signing up for their list. Other people will offer a five or seven part mini-course related towards the specialized niche.

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You are able to use post marketing, Web a couple of.0 marketing, PPC marketing, or obtaining top listings in the SERPs to drive traffic to your webpages. But even as essential as making quick affiliate sales in your pages is, it is equally important to grow your listing by opting in visitors to your subscriber base. When you get people on your listing you can then market to them over and over again. That is one from the biggest keys to achievement in affiliate marketing.

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