Sacred Email Marketing Secrets is basically about Joey Kissimmee teaching you all the secrets, tips, tricks, and techniques of email marketing. Stuff that he actually uses for all his email marketing… how to increase conversion by increasing open rates, getting higher click through rates, and ultimately making lot’s of money with email promotions.

Joey gets into in-depth details on everything from: what squeeze pages to use, how to write your emails, how to set up your list to buy every time you promote. And he explains how, when and why you should use certain tactics.

There’s a total of (4) main Modules, all in video format, and a 5th module with added bonuses with swipe files (templates, email copy, etc.)  Each Module will have step-by-step videos which also integrates with a specific swipe file that will be provided. The live work shop will give detailed information that will not be included in the modules.

So let me give you a really quick run down on each individual module in the course.

Module #1 – S.E.M.S. Essentials
Joey will talk about the essentials of Email Marketing. The basic knowledge you need to know in order to really understanding your leads, your prospect.
Here’s what you’ll learn inside this module …

  • Understanding your leads, your prospects
  • The different traffic sources to get your leads
  • Why the quality of leads is just as important and the quantity of leads
  • Things you will need to run a successful email marketing campaign

Module #2 – The S.E.M.S. Squeeze
In this module Joey will talk about the different squeeze pages that converts like madness, and the ones to definitely avoid.
Here’s what you’ll learn inside this module …

  • Top four squeeze pages that convert
  • The worst squeeze pages to use and should avoid
  • Where and when to use certain squeeze pages
  • Secrets to Blogging for op-tins
  • Templates you can use right away, that converts like crazy

Module 3 – Persuasive Subjects & Bodies
In this module you’ll learn all about persuasive tactics in email copy writing.
Here’s what you’ll learn inside this module …

  • How to write persuasive Subject lines that hooks ’em in
  • How to write very persuasive email copy
  • Where to put your links that persuade your leads to click on them
  • Persuasive Images
  • And much much more tactics of persuasion

Module 4 – Very Sacred Techniques
This module is so sacred that I can’t possibly give you the dirty low down secrets. But Joey will give you a hint of what to expect.
Here’s what you’ll learn inside this module …

  • Sneaky tips and tricks done with Aweber and iContact that only the top gurus know of and will never share to the public.
  • Fortunately for you, Joey knows them.
  • Enough said…

Added Bonus – Breaking The Code Of Silence
This module here is a special one. These are interviews I?ve done over the past year of some of the top guys in there respective niches on how they do their email marketing.   They share with me their secrets to their successful email marketing.  Guys like, Marcus Campbell, Corey Lewis, Omar Martin, Grant Ferrari, and many more.

Never Before Seen Live Workshop
This will be a live workshop that will only be available to those that get the first upsell.  The live workshop will cover many details not mentioned in the modules. This alone will opt your prospects to get the First up sell.

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Thanks for coming to this site/post focused on Sacred Email Marketing Secrets. You’ll find a lot of helpful resources and information about Sacred Email Marketing Secrets right here. You’ll also get my Sacred Email Marketing Secrets bonus and Sacred Email Marketing Secrets Review in the next few days.

On April 12th at 12:00pm, the latest product called Sacred Email Marketing Secrets – created by Joey Kissimmee – will be launching.  Similar to other top products produced by Joey (such as Undercover Automated Traffic Secrets & Mass Marketing Mayhem), Sacred Email Marketing Secrets will be another killer system to use.  If you are planning on implementing email marketing in your Internet marketing arsenal (and you should), then this is definitely something you need to pay attention to.

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Sacred Email Marketing Secrets is dedicated to teaching you how to optimize your email marketing strategies, and will teach you how to get much higher conversions and click through rates.  But first you need to have your customers open your affiliate marketing email messages, and teaching you how to increase your open rates will be a part of the course.  You email promotions and sales will greatly benefit from this part alone.

Sacred Email Marketing Secrets will show you tips and tricks that even the top internet marketers don’t know about.  The email marketing strategies have been known to increase “email open rates” by as much as 35%, and increase click through rates and conversions!

Anyways, I will be getting a pre-launch copy of Sacred Email Marketing Secrets, and will be testing it for a couple of months before I give you my review.  The product will be launching on the 12th April and this is one of many posts to come. Keep checking back for more news about Joey Kissimmee newest clickbank product.

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Most affiliate marketers believe that PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns are far better at driving targeted traffic, as compared to article marketing. Theyíre incorrect. The reality is, article marketing carries with it a lot less threat and a lot more influence than PPC strategies.

So how exactly does PPC operate?

For people of you new to PPC, this is an summary on how it performs. Essentially, PPC makes use of ads to get a readerís awareness. When the reader clicks within the ad, the affiliate marketer makes a percentage. A lot of exploration and money goes into placing advertisings in strategic positions. The competitors is really fierce that organizations scramble to get their items detailed inside the PPC advertisments. Millions of dollars are spent each day on these campaigns.

Why invest so significantly whenever you can stay away from it?

Yes, PPC advertisments, for all their hype, do not present the very same outcomes as article marketing does. Why is it that article marketing is superior than PPC?

  • Believability: Article marketing and the Sacred Email Marketing Secrets assists an affiliate marketer to set up trustworthiness within the subject. Crafting for an extended time frame on the connected subject establishes the individual as being a ësubject topic expertí. This assures additional customers will turn to you for just about any details on this subject. PPC does not supply any this kind of platform to establish reliability.
  • Economical: Article marketing is cost-free. It does not price a dime to begin crafting and posting posts on directories. PPC, around the other hand, requires a lot of expense to obtain the company detailed among look for engine results. With such tough competition close to, should you donít have enough resources, somebody else will get listed.
  • Low chance: Article marketing and Sacred Email Marketing Secrets is less risky when compared to PPC. Itís free and for that reason, even in the event you take some time to be successful, it wonít have an adverse influence. Whereas in PPC, the initial investment is so excessive, that not finding success can mean incurring heavy losses.
  • Displacement: With PPC, there is certainly constantly the concern of becoming displaced by challengers. Men and women are prepared to shell out top dollar just to obtain their business detailed. In article marketing, there’s no such threat involved.
  • Adherence to research motor guidelines: PPC demands that advertisers strictly adhere to search engine guidelines and regulations too as layout. Consequently, in circumstance of any change in plan of a research engine, even the PPC advertisements need to be in sync using the new format. Article marketing and Sacred Email Marketing Secrets does not carry any this kind of drawbacks with it.
  • Not sufficient written content: PPC campaigns call for to become up and working very speedily. This may necessarily mean not obtaining enough time to assemble written content all around the key terms supplied. This has led to several disappointed visitors clicking over a PPC link after which discovering shortage of content to back again it up. This also adversely impacts the status in the organization. Whereas in article marketing, you have sufficient time to construct content material all-around the keywords and phrases.
  • Trial and error: PPC will not supply any one the luxury of testing out the effectiveness of key phrases. With higher investments and lack of time, organizations are expected being bang on target on the incredibly first attempt. Else they shed out inside race. Article marketing gives ample time to try out key terms and analyze their effectiveness. This provides scope for advancement as well.
  • Simply for big scale businesses: PPC activities are at finest only suited with the large-sized businesses. The large amount of expense required, combined with odds of excessive dangers, means that a modest sized start out up cannot afford this kind of PPC activities. Article marketing and the Sacred Email Marketing Secrets, on the other hand, gives a lot more leeway to experiment, test usefulness and try new approaches. The ideal part about it can be that it is free of price. It also offers a steady way to grow an affiliate marketing campaign. With the correct set of keywords and phrases, and well thought out posts, one can significantly enhance site visitors to an affiliate internet site, inside a quite brief time span.

The delivery of standalone text, HTML and Rich Media to permission-based email lists has continued to be the most cost-efficient means of customer acquisition and retention that is available. The Return on Investment (ROI) in direct email marketing has been made possible thanks to the availability of more accurate, richer subscriber data and improved subscriber segmentation technologies. In fact, any company that fails to appropriately evolve email as a marketing tool is competitively and strategically disadvantaged. Email marketing solutions appropriately fit into this picture. The continuing exponential growth of SPAM or unsolicited email however seems to place downward pressures on email rates, however ingenious email marketing solutions have been, to a certain extent, able to go round this hurdle.

There is speculation that direct email marketing solutions will not continue to be as worthwhile as they were 4 or 5 years ago. The economics of email marketing for customer retention and acquisition will likely be different in the future. However, one thing will continue to be the de facto standard in email marketing – permission. For positive email campaigns however, more will be required. As one email marketing solutions founder said, “permission has become so mainstream now that while in the past there was a real difference between acquisition email lists harvested from newsgroups and permission-based lists, being permission-based is no longer the differentiator it used to be for either the marketer or the user.”

In the present online marketing field, only permission-based email campaigns that have a high ‘inbox visibility’ degree provide worthwhile and positive Return on Investment to marketers both on the acquisition and the retention fronts. Today’s email marketing solutions are aimed at improving inbox visibility through implementation of practices that are related to crafting email subject lines and strategies of the sort. However to attain sustained inbox visibility, email marketing solutions strategies will need to go deeper. Implementing strategies that insulate one from the shifting market dynamics in email marketing will give any company the real competitive advantage.

What email marketing solutions strategies will prove successful? Directly anticipated email communications. By and large, directly anticipated emails will prove immune to growing inbox invisibility since their arrival is anticipated by the recipients. These campaigns can be run through email newsletter campaigns. Other strategies include gathering emails of individuals interested in particular products and delivering such information immediately to the individuals. It is becoming increasingly difficult to overcome the problem of inbox invisibility but email newsletters seem to have a better chance of overcoming this problem as well as other email marketing solutions that move away from direct email strategies.